CRUM eventravel – the Road Trip company

We organize events. Traveling events, car related events, group travels, road trips, etc. As long as there are motorized vehicles and/or travel involved, we thrive! We organize events, rallies, car tours, and road trips throughout Europe. That is why we’d like to see ourselves as the road trip company.

CRUM eventravel markets its own events under two different brand names: Carbage run and Ramble Rally. Each aimed at different market segments and each with their distinctive characteristics. Apart from creating, marketing, and organizing our own events, we offer our knowledge and experience to others. Our company can organize events, or specific tasks involved in travel and event organizing, for third parties.

CRUM stands for:

Carbage run
Europe’s biggest and craziest Road Trip. An awesome adventure in an old piece of junk. Five editions a year, all over Europe. In winter and in summer, in cars and on mopeds. The crazier the better, the road trip of a lifetime!

Ramble Rally
The best driving roads, spectacular scenery, and unique places. But we’re not telling you were you go. Nobody knows the route and destination of Ramble Rally. All cars are allowed and hotels are included.

Undisclosed events
Events you didn’t expect to be organized by us. Apart from developing and organizing our own events, we also do this for other companies. Are you looking for an agency to organize your event or create a unique travel package? Or to do part of this job for you? Then you found the right people!

We do a lot more than you would expect. Behind the scenes of different car events we make things happen. Things that travel agencies or event companies outsource to us.


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